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Our pure powdered moringa capsules are superior in that you are ingesting the pure, organic, unadulterated moringa. It doesn't get any better than that. Drinks are processed one way or another. Powders that mix into a drink are also processed. Drinks that contain a "proprietary formula," meaning the manufacturer won't tell you exactly what's in it, are particularly to be avoided. You don't know if they contain sugar, caffeine, ginseng or anything else that will give you an artificial "pop." All natural, unchanged, unadulterated, pure moringa powder is very smooth. There are no ups or downs. When you might normally "hit the wall" you just keep going and going. Why change what's already perfect!

If you are into making money with moringa, you shouldn't. If you are into maximizing your own health at a reasonable price, than you should switch to our brand. We get dissatisfied MLM customers switching to our brand every week. Some MLM companies work off a formula of 88% commissions and !2% for everything else. So only $12 out of every $100 retail dollars spent goes to everything else like producing the actual product, overhead, etc. Only 1% is paid to our Affiliates so 99% of what you spend on Moringa Zinga goes toward the actual product, overhead, etc. That's why a month's supply of theirs costs over $100 and a month's supply of ours costs less than $20.

We recommend 1-4 capsules per day. Many athletes take much more on game day. It's totally non-toxic. Most people take one or two per day, 10-30 minutes before breakfast or lunch. It's all a matter of how much of an energizer bunny you like to be. We don't recommend that you take Moringa Zinga after 4 PM because you may remain too mentally active to fall asleep.

Also, don't forget to eat! We are constantly hearing from people that they become so active that at 3 PM they realize that they blew through lunch. Although this might be great for those looking to lose a few pounds you should try to maintain your normal schedule. And although the product is a slight appetite suppressant you won't have any trouble eating a full meal when you sit down to do so.

You can't. Nutritional supplements contain a certain amount of specific vitamins, most of which pass through you. You take them in the hopes that some are absorbed and used by your body. Moringa is a food, fully absorbed by your body. It's like trying to compare a bike to a ball. You can't do it. We don't recommend that people abandon their current nutritional supplementation when taking moringa, but most people start gradually dropping a lot of what they take.

Absolutely! Moringa has a 40 year record of feeding babies in Africa in order to stave off malnutrition with no negative side effects. If it's good for an infant it's good for people of any age. You can undo the capsule and put the contents on a teaspoon of apple sauce or yogurt. It goes down tasteless. Taken alone it does have a slight bitter taste.

We've never needed one. Only one client since 2006 asked to return two unopened bottles and so we obliged their request.

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